OEM Services

  • We provide customize service on products as customers require.
  • We can OEM for Wet Wipes, Baby Diaper/Pants, Adult Diaper, Sanitary Napkin and Shower Cream.
  • Our OEM Services are including the differences in term of fragrance, wrapper design, wrapper and sticker color, material requirement, product specification and so on.
  • For Wet Wipes, we can provide different sheet count like 8’s, 10’s, 30’s and 80’s based on customers’ requirement on their target market.
  • Other than that, the products wrapper design also can specify in term of wrapper material like PET’s or Matte. While the products sticker can be choose from using normal sticker or one touch sticker, which is our own sticker strength for maintain the wet wipes moisture.
  • Our company also provided OEM services on export to other countries. We have the strength on export to other countries due to the strategic location in Malaysia have exempt taxes on majority of export countries.
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